D&AD New Blood - Audible

  • Dora Ramos

University Project for D&AD New Blood - Audible brief None of this project is for commercial intuit, is only a representation for a studio project.

  • Concept:
O0H (out of home Advertising). The idea behind is to arouse curiosity into the reader, allowing him to interage with the poster by scanning the Qr Code.
The poster would be black with Audible Sans Typepography in yellowish/orange colour de audible. After scan it, it will open in which it will give indications what to do shortly after a video will be played.
  • Intention
Creation of a visual response that will manifestate after the use of QR code, linking to a page in which will advise the listener, to stop and listen.
Shortely after the video is played the advertisement will be played.
The adverstiment will combine two slogans: "whould you dare" and "create order out of chaos". With this two slogans I will create an impact, a challedge to the reader.

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