• Aisha Waheeb

"New Blood Awards is open to advertising, design, digital and marketing students, recent graduates and young creatives worldwide. It's your opportunity to land a job in the creative industry. Get a head start while you're still at university or gain the exposure you need to kick start your creative career." - New blood Award We focused on creating a very diverse campaign, we wanted to make sure that every girl in the target audience felt represented. We included images of plus-size models, athletes and disabled women to make sure everyone knew that they can become an althlete. The team: Morgan Miller - Project manager Aisha Waheeb - Content Creator/ Graphic Design Quincy Boateng - Content Creator/ storyboard Reena Hospidales - Marketing Coordinator/strategist Sam Ayeni -Data analyst

The design work I created was all made in photoshop, I designed all three posters and the podcast cover. As it was aimed at young women, I wanted to keep the colour scheme feminine but empowering.

All the images are pre-existing images from Nike or other sites. No original photography was taken for the creation of this campaign.


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