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Up to now, more than 6000 satellites have been launched, however only 1100 are still operational. The majority of the others are still orbiting uncontrolled around the Earth. 50 years ago, orbital space was empty; there was enough room for new satellites. With time, uncontrolled and abandoned satellites started exploding and crashing into each other. Today, there are more than 300 million junk objects orbiting through space at 35000 km/h. Collision risk with operational satellites and spacecraft have increased dramatically.

D-Orbit’s mission is focused on stopping the systematic increase of concentration in uncontrolled debris in space, promoting a sustainable access to Space and adding a fourth dimension to the common notion of sustainability: Earth, Air, Sea and Space. Orbital space is a finite resource! Let’s preserve it for the future.

D-Orbit develops devices, which enable the safe disposal of artificial satellites at the end of their life, removing them from their orbits. De-orbiting is executed immediately, safely and at any time the end user finds convenient. The device is installed on the satellite prior to launch. It provides a sustainable access to space, extends the satellite’s life and increases revenues for the end user. With D-Orbit, sustainability goes hand in hand with a better use of the satellite and generates higher revenues. Space Debris is a major threat to space activities and human safety. In the next few years, the probability of satellites failing due to collision with fragments will increase by almost three orders of magnitude. D-Orbit is the solution to Space Pollution. It offers a reliable and cost-effective product for satellite owners and operators to avoid the economic consequences which come from satellites crashing into other spacecraft or damage to people and assets on Earth. Among other benefits, it helps in containing insurance costs. The D-Orbit team has the competence, know-how and connections to go to market and create the next deorbiting standard.

Written by Simona Lianza and Christian Letruria
Producer, director and editor - Simona Lianza
Executive producer - Leonardo Maria Poggiali
Dop - Timoty Aliprandi
Starring - Rebecca
Postproduction - Chromatica
Make up artist and set design - Jo Maria Contini

Team Credits

Simona Lianza

  • director


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