DANCE: L'antigonie (sound design)

  • Greg E [nonsegmental]

A piece of choreography inspired by Jean Cocteau's version of the myth of Antigone and that transcends the heroin's deed and her family to explore their physicality beyond what each of them socially represent. Directed and choreographed by Aline Derderian & CONSENSUS, on original music by Gregory Emfietzis & the METAPRAXIS ENSEMBLE (supported by the Arts Council England). Premmiere at TripSpace Projects, London (2015) ARTISTIC DIRECTION & CHOREOGRAPHY by Aline DERDERIAN & CONSENSUS CONSENSUS Antigone Sarah ADJOU Eurydice Ughetta PRATESI Ismene Aline DERDERIAN Creon Paolo ROSINI Haemon Alessio CAPPELLI Polynices Ferdinand PAIMBLANC ORIGINAL MUSIC by Gregory EMFIETZIS & the METAPRAXIS ENSEMBLE

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