The main assumption of the project was presenting the potential of the company. Danrob is a high - powered company, which is working on planning and mechanical engineering. The situation which we were introduced to, were two pioneering products (two patents on a world scale), huge involvement in a develop of the business and corporate customers. From the very first we were working on convincing and professional image of the company. The extent of our activity was tightly connected with the strategy of creating the base of customers. Our service of Danrob company was based on delivering final products, holding tests, implementation. All movements were held in strict cooperation with customer, analysing client’s needs and giving ready solutions. Cooperation itself was absorbing and interesting.
In the first step, we overtook redesign the Danrob mark. It gave beginning to the rest of the design activities. Knowing the specifics of the company, we created tools that organize the company's internal environment and its external image. It introduces new quality of brand visual communication.
Activities related to redesign the sign of Danrob company were synthesis the previous version of logo with saving the character of lettering and simplifying its form. The logotype was reinvented and matched to the present situation of the company. The brandbook and key visual were created. In virtue of these materials we designed business cards, letterhead and posters.The ideogram of logotype was taken to brand machines. We have elaborated technology for plotting imprint on metal surfaces. For exposing major machines functions, we have used stickers promoting the product.
The composition of the website is designed for presenting the series of products and accessories connected with singular machines. The customer may by oneself develop the website in the convenient way for him. It fulfils all design standards i saves the clearness of the code. Prepared not only in the graphic form, but also ready to the next advertising campaigns, positioning in Google, promoting in Social Media and fully automated email marketing campaign.
The system of icons was created showing the funds of brand and unique features of products. We gave the orderer whole tools to nondependent offerts creation, instruction and technical description. Within the image creation an original box was created. Its uniqueness is about putting the phone in the right place and then it is taking us to the website of the company. The second place of putting the phone is for making a contact with the owner of the company. The presentations, business cards, films and animations were also created.
Difficult task of presenting ‘ tight machines in attractive and friendly way, we solved by creating products’ packshots. We revived their colors and added markings.


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