Data for Change

  • Maxwell Owen

In this brief I was asked to produce an experience or interface that uses data about or related to the Covid-19 pandemic to inform behaviour change in your chosen users. I looked at how the environment had been affected during the Pandemic due to seeing lots of tweets and articles stating it had a positive effect on our environment. Through my own personal research Journey I found out that the amount of P.P.E produced this year had obviously increased quite a large amount, however what interested me was how the face masks millions of us now wear get disposed of and in effect add to the pollution of our environment. To raise awareness about this subject I designed the interface you can see below, the objective of the game is to stop the falling masks from being incinerated, as from his research I found out the environmental agency has in fact relaxed their rules of how we incinerate the toxic waste that is P.P.E. If the user fails to stop all the masks from being incinerated, the skyline eventually becomes harder to see due to the pollution haze increasing.