Dazed Club Spotlight feature - with campaign photoshoot for @callisto.venus

  • Simran Kaur
  • Shel Kaplan

Thank you so much for the feature Dazed ♡ The work of Dazed Club member Simran Kaur has an extra-terrestrial quality to it – a morphing of the surreal and the earthly. This is in part to the inventive and experimental use of lighting they employ. We spoke with them to find out more about the importance of lighting in their work, and the fashion shows and photography that's inspired them in their journey to establish an approach to their photography. "Lumen" transcends the conventional realms of jewellery photography, as it delves deep into the art of lighting and its transformative power. Each image in this campaign for @callisto.venus is a testament to the masterful manipulation of light, showcasing how it breathes life into every facet, every gem, and every contour. I love working with lighting and my favourite lights will always be continuous lights, as I can manipulate them to recreate a light I saw in real life. This could be as simple as the full moon's light falling on a white rose. I have always seen my light set ups as a way to paint a canvas, especially because I come from an artistic background so the basics are about looking around me to get inspired which sometimes could also be people. I don't like doing a lot of post-production work, I would do it only on request. I love seeing my model's skin as it is, we all have beautiful details and textures which I don't think have to be hidden. The only editing I do is perhaps balancing the contrast and brightness, everything else has always been done on set. I'm really inspired by the theatrical lighting present in some of the really old catwalks. A good example is the 1h theatrical couture presentation by Mugler Fall/Winter 1995, which you can easily find on youtube. Another inspiration is the artist Yves Klein, who was known as the artist who owned ultramarine. I discovered him randomly from a book I took in Greece, which talks about his life and pieces of work. I found it really interesting as I'm also a fan of the colour blue since it had multiple undertones I try to often showcase in my multicoloured work. Last but not least, I have always loved Elizaveta Porodina's work ever since she was not as much known as now. I have always shared her work in my stories and those times there have been some exchanges of messages, I felt her as the most realistic person I ever spoke to. Her work speaks for her and I could tell especially when I won her first photography book. Credits for photos: Photographer and Creative director Simran Kaur @simran_k_01 Designer and nail artist Callisto Hutchings @callisto.venus Casting Director Autumn Jensen @autumnjensencasting HMUA Yuliia Kuzmenko @smashedeyeshadows Model Georgina Favyer @georgina.favyer From @autumnjensencasting