Dazed spotlight "Space Escape "

  • M Kwintera

As a young girl, I was captivated by the cosmos, imagining the possibility of other life forms and dreaming of exploring distant planets. Those sci-fi stories from movies and books fueled my inspiration. Even during school, I found solace in writing fantasy tales. However, my journey was not without challenges; dyslexia led to continuous spelling corrections. Determined to overcome this, I embarked on a photography project, observing the intricate details around me and collaborating with creative minds. The idea for this project had lingered within me, sparked by a quaint village in The Netherlands. I yearned to craft a fantasy realm, a world untouched by AI, in partnership with talented designer Tim van den Heuvel. United by a shared desire to escape reality, we brought forth a concept centered on a space odyssey, nestled within the village's distinct architecture. Each unconventional house became a canvas for our vision, a testament to teamwork and imagination, rather than reliance on AI. This year, my artwork embraces life's overlooked intricacies. It took months of preparation, gathering a team of passionate creatives to breathe life into our fantastical vision. Tim's meticulous designs provided the foundation, complemented by the talents of makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion experts, videographers, and models. Together, we cocooned ourselves in an escape bubble, our collective effort giving rise to a mesmerizing visual tale that seamlessly weaves reality with the extraordinary.


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