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I'm a 'shop owner' on a dress up social site called DivaChix. The very first version of the website was a place called Doll Wars but that was shut down, and a few years later DivaChix was created. I've been on the site for 5 years this October and it's an amazing community. You can battle over 'divas' (users) with the doll you have dressed up. I'm not the most talented shop owner on there, as many other create clothing in better detail than mine, but lately my skill has been improving, and I just wanted to showcase my designs.
FYI: Only the faces, tights, gloves, dresses/tops/skirt/jeans, jewelry, handbags (except the first one), and coats/furs were made by me. The backgrounds, hair/headwears, bodies, and shoes were all made by different users on DivaChix. To complete the outfits I incorporated some of their stuff. If you want to know anything specific about these let me know :)


Sasha Lembowitz

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