Dear Damsels

  • Bridie Wilkinson

We know that it’s all too common for women to feel like their voices aren’t worth anything. Dear Damsels helps women have their voices heard and their stories told.

Dear Damsels is a publishing platform for women and non-binary writers, launched in 2016. Envisioned as a space to share experiences, stories and voices, we focus on offering two strands of support for writers: publishing opportunities and community.

Our publishing achievements include our two independently published collections, What She's Having and Let Me Know When You're Home, as well as our yearly Annual publication. We offer open-call submissions for these publications, opening up opportunities into publishing that are traditionally safeguarded and difficult to access.

Our community includes a podcast, Her Own Words an events series, the DD Get Togethers, an active Patreon service and bimonthly online submission themes.

You can find out more on our website or on our Instagram and Twitter.