Debris Salvage

  • Aída Montes Rodríguez
This project is focusing on packaging and upcycled materials inspired by creating an awareness of excess waste, alongside graphic aesthetics and pop art features for unisex fashion and accessory applications.
Using abstract drawings and photography from research, designs are aided for various textile techniques. I have used digital print, laser cut work and CAD embroidery with manipulation. I aim to spark an emotion of joy through my use of colour with an awareness of positive mental health.
In this project I ask "what's the point?" of over-packaging everything around us. I ask viewers to "think twice" about over consumption.
I focus on the ethos of
"Conscious anti-consumerism drives creativity in the form of thrifty customisation, upcycling, and rehabilitated surfaces and materials."
All materials used are sustainably sourced or found.
Historical artists and alternative materials inspire the work.
David Hockney has been an inspiration for this theme with his abstract swimming pool imagery and animation.