Decade of Darkness - Promax & Clio Awards Gold Winner

  • Serge Kabanda
  • Esra Gok

GOLD WINNER, CLIO KEY ART AWARDS 2015, TELEVISION/STREAMING, AUDIO/VISUAL, 31-60 secs GOLD WINNER, PROMAX EUROPE 2015, MUSIC OR INSTRUMENTAL THEME NOMINATED, BEST USE OF MUSIC, PROMAX UK AWARDS 2015 NOMINATED, USE OF ORIGINAL MUSIC/SCORE, PROMAX GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2015 The Horror Channel celebrates its tenth birthday this year, so we marked the occasion with this exceptionally gruesome offering. The concept was inspired by a colleague who was regularly tormented by the lyrics to ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ after spending the morning with their toddlers. What with all the sinister undertones and macabre double meanings, nursery rhymes are creepy enough, but this one was crying out for a Horror channel re-vamp. The task of sourcing all the relevant clips featuring the essential body parts was a challenge, and not for the faint-hearted! We had a specific checklist, which required a disproportionate amount of knees and toes. However, we soon discovered much to our disgust that ‘eye’ shots are ten a penny, while toe based horror is much more niche! The promo is a far cry from our standard Horror channel promos which are usually all nice and SAT. But due to the special event of a tenth anniversary, we threw caution to the wind, not to mention blood, guts and a couple of severed limbs.