Deli by Chele

  • Nicky Gover

Bringing flavours from around the world that are good for both you and our environment. From Kombucha, to preserved seafood, meat, fresh bread and seasonal produce. A new venture from Chef Chele González along with Chef Carlos Villaflor, his partner at Gallery by Chele. From the brand identity to packaging, we have been part of this project from the start. I created a brand identity that combines the natural elements of the Philippines with sustainability. A logo that felt organic and crafted by hand. The brand identity also had to sit comfortably under the main Chele González brand. Working with Chef Chele and his team remotely under my own name, we designed packaging that would look consistent across all produce. To achieve this, an extensive secondary colour palette and series of patterns were created. Job role included: Brand communications Brand guidelines Brand identity Graphic design Packaging design