Demi's showreel for looking a job

  • demi wu

Demi's showreel ☺️ looking for a job in London recently. I am a 27-year-old creative designer and love the animation industry. I have participated in pre-creative planning, storyboarding, character and scene design, art direction, 3D mapping, and post-compositing. I have four years of working experience in the animation industry. I can produce independently and have experience in teamwork for artistic short films. As a senior animator attended 'Ahoy! PIP' for BBC channel 5; The film work with Chaumet ‘Liens Sean’ has received more than 20 million views, collaborated with The National Gallery to contribute paintings for Inside Out Festival. My personal work ‘Deadline’ won the Gold Medal of the Chinese Academy. I am highly efficient and professional. I would like to work with creative and passionate partners. please check my web see more detail �: