• Matt Braun

Monolith Goods was created in 2020 as a need to break away from the day to day and to follow a desire to be outside and to change the normal office routine. The brand is a premium destination for quality goods and aims to tap into this ever increasing market. Monolith Goods strives for being the pinnacle destination for British made products. Each item will be meticulously selected or re-imagined for the need of the modern consumer. Patterns in shoppers mentality are clearly changing and the need for garments with a long life span is clear. Monolith aims to deliver products which are to the highest standards, decreasing the need for throw away. The products where possible will be ethically produced and fabrics will be sustainable, organic and responsible. The bulk of our collections will be anchored around key lines which are non seasonal, eliminating stock waste and reducing mark down costs to retailers. Working with the owners at Monolith goods to help them establish themselves as a forward thinking directional outdoor brand. Building the key 2 seasonal concepts / logo design / collection creation / sourcing relevant manufacturing hubs / fabric and trim development