Destination Marketing Campaign | Visit Norway

  • Kristina Sikorskaja
  • Jasmine Boothroyd
Thanks to its landscape and climate, Norway is blessed with some of the world’s best conditions for ski touring – skiing carried out in the backcountry on unmarked or unpatrolled areas.

With the goal to increase awareness of the country’s ski touring scene and connect Norway’s backcountry skiing enthusiasts, mr.h has created @skitouringnorway Instagram page – a platform where like-minded individuals could meet, share knowledge, and discover more about ski touring in Norway.

I was involved in community management, content startegy and creation as well as influencer marketing activities, such as identifying the best skiing influencers who could generate engaging content through film, photography, and carefully coordinated account ‘takeovers’.

Using only organic strategies, @skitouringnorway account experienced staggering engagement results.

During the late-season skiing in the springtime, many of the profile posts saw an average engagement rate of over 50%, and moving into the summer—the off-peak season for skiing—our top-performing posts still had an average engagement rate of 20%.

In the last years, the average enagement rate on Instagram, including travel sector, has been only around 1%.

It is thanks to our content and enagement strategies – from educational value-adding features to fun story content and UGC series – that our results were so great. In my blog post Organic Isn't Dead: Engaging with Niche Instagram Communities, I review some of these strategies.

Full project case study.