Detailed visual communication of a printed strategic plan

Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) is a unique not-for-profit organisation set up for the benefit of all types of writers, collecting money due for secondary uses of writers’ work. Passionately advocating and lobbying for writers’ rights since 1977, ALCS is designed to support authors and their creativity, ensure they receive fair payment, and see those rights are respected and rewarded. In addition, it promotes and teaches the principles of copyright and campaigns for a fair deal. Today, ALCS represents over 120,000+ members and in total has paid over £650 million to writers. Visual communication of a strategic plan: ALCS' strategic plan encompassed an overview of the organisation including key data and statistics, their current positioning, as well as their set of delivery priorities planned over the next five years. Utilising our strengths in print and data design, our engagement included developing a new grid system for layout, typography, infographics, data visualisation, print sourcing and management.