Deutsche Grammophon — Brand Identity

  • Elliott Walker

This is a personal project re-branding the identity of Deutsche Grammophon: a Classical music record label.

When rethinking the brand identity for Deutsche Grammophon — I wanted to create something bold and confident that was in touch with their modern approach. I developed a fresh take on the logo, stripping it down to represent classical music’s core motifs: the orchestra’s seating arrangement, and a phonograph record.
For the typography I decided to use Relative: a geometric sans-serif. The geometry of the typeface works well with the circular elements of the logo and balances good legibility with a contemporary feel.
Steve Reich — Pulse / Quartet, was mostly produced on a Xylophone. While listening you can hear Reich’s Minimal repetitive style is present throughout, it takes you on a journey of unknown directions. I decided for the cover I was going to try and illustrate this piece using a “deconstructed Xylophone”.