Side Hustle/ Photography

DEVELOP: The Photographers' Gallery

  • Eric Celal Aydin-Barberini
  • Aliyah Otchere
  • Maksymilian Socha
  • George Robson

I work as one of six Develop ambassadors. Assisting and conducting the course along side our industry guests. As part of my role I document the goings on of each session for use across The Photographers' Gallery social media, newsletters, leaflets and walls. With the recent programme heavily featuring my work and the promotion video featuring my footage. This is just a selection of shots from our 2018 summer launch 'Develop is a new 3-year programme of talks, events and workshops for 14-24 year olds. Helping to demystify the photography industry and introduce young people to the myriad career paths available in the sector: from photographer to art director, makeup artist to model, set designer to picture editor and more. Young people with all levels of knowledge and experience are welcome, and the programme and offers practical photography skills as well as other career essentials required to navigate the employment options available in the creative'