Developing an identity, branding scheme and website for a new qualitative research consultancy

It’s all in the craft: The Nest Research is a specialist qualitative research and insight consultancy; they uncover human truths and craft them into profitable stories for brands and businesses. With over 20 years experience in this field, the Consultancy’s founder has a much-respected record delivering on clients’ requirements. She’s covered ground and had conversations about mostly everything from menopause to mascara, lingerie to weight-loss, Brexit to biscuits, crisps to couture. From hatchling to taking flight: Our engagement focused on creating an identity that captured the brand’s unique vision and personality. We began with the development of a strong logomark, one that would represent two distinct objectives: 1) an interpretation of the visual element (a nest), and 2) the Consultancy’s service areas, one half signifying the gathering of information (scattered far and wide) with the solid half being representative of information delivered. Brand development then continued across the creation of a beautifully crafted visual language. Inspired by nature, a set of organic patterns were illustrated, creating a scheme that could provide immediate brand recognition, flexible application, as well as future scaling. Brand typography used a distinct, modern serif and the development of a bright and contemporary color palette ensured a warm, bold and captivating feel to the brand identity. Our approach to UI/UX design and build of the website focused on providing a confident and approachable user experience that conveyed the Consultancy’s strength of expertise, communications, and ease of understanding.