Diagramming Something Missing: The Display of Fashion Beyond Gender

  • Floriane Misslin

This project researches how producers of fashion photography actualise the fluidity of gender in an industry dominantly established on modes of production and consumption based on the gendered binary womenswear / menswear. The fashion editors, art directors and photographers who took part in this research operate their practice as an exploratory space to challenge the bond between dress and gender. Throughout series of interviews with each participant, diagrams are activated to reorganise transcripts into manifestos uncovering different means of making a gender fluid approach to fashion more visible in visual culture. The project has obtained the 'exceptional' distinction in Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths University. It is currently being displayed at the Philadelphia Museum of Arts.

Please find more on the webpage of the project http://florianemisslin.com/diagramming.html
↘ The diagrams of the research process overlapped with the text of the manifestos.
↘ Three of the eight diagrammatic manifestos made during the research.
↘ The installation of the project in the show S.N.A.C.K. (Sociology is Not Complete Knowledge)
↘ The diagrams and the diagrammatic manifestos are gathered in a publication: