Dichroic Blossom

  • meysam dalir
  • Jason Bruges
The Studio was commissioned by Beijing Guo Rui Real Estate Development Company to create an interactive feature wall which would change appearance according to different times of the day, different seasons and activities in and around the multi-function hall.

We explored many artistic interpretations and eventually developed a mixed media digital artwork that is our interpretation of the Chinese Plum Blossom. The plum blossom, known as the Meihua (??), is one of the most beloved flowers in China and has been frequently depicted in Chinese art and poetry for centuries. The blossom exudes an ethereal elegance and is highly regarded as the seasonal symbol of winter.

The artwork is reminiscent of a frieze or floral painting, branching up the wall from solo or multiple interactions at its base, organised through pentagonal tessellation. Clusters of periscope LED light engines refract and reflect creating an amplifying effect via a network of dichroic wall sculptures. The colour spectrum of the dichroic effectors is based on a green and magenta spectrum, which has been especially developed with reference to plum blossom with the light folding and ascending the wall, branching out as it makes progress skyward.

The growth effect progresses up the wall dependent on an algorithm which considers the number of people standing next to the wall, their proximity, dwell time and grouping. In a neutral state the artwork has a rest mode, which like a screen saver intrigues and attracts passersby.