Digital Cover: Nella Rose is Living in the Moment

  • Laviea Thomas

Fronting the latest season of Catfish UK on MTV, Nella Rose discusses creative content creation, being her friendship group’s expert investigator and more.

Although most of us will never be in a room with Nella Rose, her infectious laughter, no-filter ad-libs and feel-good aura create the sense that when you’re watching her onscreen, you’re connecting with a long-lost friend. Gracing the phones and laptops of her 600,000 Instagram followers daily, over the last six years of content creation Nella has cultivated a career as a successful influencer, entrepreneur, online personality, and interviewer. Working and mastering various platforms, while accumulating a huge following on almost all, Nella’s inimitable warmth is the real secret to her success.

Growing a YouTube community of now over 750,000, with a combined 81 million views, it’s Nella’s comedic abilities that have also struck a chord. Whether doing a makeup tutorial, or playing a game with frequent collaborators Chunkz and Yung Filly, she’s built a name as one of the most loveable and down-to-earth public personalities out there.

This year has seen Nella return to MTV’s hit-show Catfish UK for another gripping season alongside co-presenter Oobah Butler. Helping those in online relationships desperate to meet their other halves, the newest set of episodes offers fans plenty of the heart-wrenching storylines and jaw-dropping betrayals they’ve come to expect. It’s fair to say viewers won’t be disappointed.

We caught up with Nella to find out her biggest career milestone so far, what to expect from the new series of Catfish, and that time she ran a restaurant in Ibiza. Dive in and watch Catfish UK Season 3 every Wednesday at 10pm on MTV!

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