Diploma Exhibition Catalogue & Poster (2018)

  • Henriette Brück

In the summer semester of 2018 I was part of the team to design the event identity of the official Diploma exhibition of my university, an annual event where the diploma students of the semester showcase their works and a diploma catalogue with all diploma works is published.  The summer of 2018 war particularly hot, so we decided to make the heat, sweat and the unpreventable sunburn as a topic in our designs for the poster and the catalogue.  My part in the group work was to stay in contact with the graduates, send email and updates, organise the exhibition as well as help in the design of the poster, the catalogue and the visitor experience in the final exhibition.  A work in collaboration with: Didem Altunbas Sylvia Heidt Mirjam Müller Daniela Sonnabend