Dive in - An illustrated story

  • Nicola Gastaldi
Dive in - An illustrated story is an underwater journey for children and grown ups, a voyage through revolving landscapes and unexpected monsters, a world of breathing caves and valleys, tiny fishes and huge, hiding whales.
My latest personal project took inspiration from my favourite designers of all time, Fortunato Depero, Enzo Mari, Bruno Munari, trying to create, like them, an uncommon product for children and grown ups.
With a set of 33 square looping gifs, I wrote the story and designed and animated the astonishingly huge canvas (5760x21120 pixel). Luigi Mastandrea created the generative music and Paula Masterton accompanied the video with her wonderful voice.
But I also wanted my daughter to play with it, so I made a 33 pieces modular puzzle that she can rearrange to create new shapes and designs.
Full project at gasta.org