My drive in this project was to create an environment that is modern and attractive to the everyday person. An environment where doing something for our natural world is habitual and part of what we do anyway.
The goal of this design project is to use visuals and daily habits to aid in helping to reduce unnecessary cruelty on animals. I want people to stop using products that test on animals or jackets that use real fur because they are now aware and also because the products are just as good or even better. It should be common knowledge similar to how we know how bad smoking is for someone, so even if someone buys the item they know what they are contributing to and it actually becomes shameful. I want to remove the gruesome images in the campaign to stop people from turning away.
I designed an alterantive link on Pinterest that directs you to a page that only contains crutely free content. Along with this I designed some merchandise to help promote while getting donations.
The stickers are for awareness, their purpose is to be stuck onto products known to test on animals. Just like cigarette boxes display information and images warning the buyer about the consequences.


Alexandra Hill

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  • My imagination is one of my biggest strengths!

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