Doctor Faustus

This project I worked with the idea of Christopher Marlowe’s script ‘Doctor Faustus’ reading the book and instantly falling in love with the twisted character, I began to wonder want would he be doing if he was alive now and in present day.
So I started writing a 13 episode, TV series set for Netflix about the life of Doctor Faustus. In the end of the book Faustus finishes by being dragged to hell at the end of the 26 years, I put a twist on the plot that in fact he never did die… instead he made another deal with the devil where every year he has to kill 26 people within a 26 day period. Now in present day, Faustus using his magical abilities changes his face and gets a job an American college, where he plans to set out his task of killing the 26 students. But Lucifer has grown tired of Faustus and how well he has managed to avoid death… so he plans to make it a lot more difficult for him this time.
Along the story we meet many characters and see reality bend as we are introduced to this magical side of the world and the abilities of the greater beings. We meet the Seven Deadly Sins who have taken the form of students to torment Faustus for their father Lucifer. We meet angels who are also trying to stop Faustus as they want to protect the human race, and then more characters with so darker twisted secrets.
In this project I continued learning and developing my skills in Photoshop and creating detailed, realistic concept art for some of the characters that I have chosen to work with. This was a huge step for me as a designer because I have never used the software of anything like this and was always use to drawing and sketching. But I am very pleased with the outcomes and feel I have achieved the art of this style of designing really well. This will also be very helpful for me to work with different art styles depending on what I am designing for.

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