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  • Robyn Keet

Inner Voice Creative was birthed from the DocuFestAfrica photographic exhibition, where the Creative team headed by Robyn Keet were able to create, curate and execute this event with unprecedented success, during her previous role as picture library manager at Africa Media Online.

It captured an uncomfortable period of South African history that was not touched on at the time - what life was like during the Apartheid struggle. Incorporating photographic collections from the Tiso Blackstar Group, Paul Weinberg, Eric Miller, Graeme Williams, George Hallet, Greg Marinovich and David Larsen, raising awareness and touching on people consciousness by sharing visual stories of downtown Johannesburg, Wits University students, various army training camps, women issues, artists and poets of the day.

I had experience of Robyns commitment to her work, and to the promotion of good photography during the period she worked with Africa Media Online. I appreciated the throroughness with with she approached a project, and her commitment to treating photographers and their work respectfully and fairly.
Eric Miller, Photographer

An organic conversation was fostered between the lady’s movement, black sash, and #metoo, and by having established photographers speaking to incumbents along with walkabouts sparking active discussions on what it means to be a visual historian in South Africa.

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