Dominating the maid

my story

You’ve hired me as your maid. You insist I wear the little black dress with a white apron. You never demanded it, but on my first day I wear my uniform without bra or panties. When you’re in the room with me, I contrive things to bend over for, so you can see my pussy lips from behind. When you’re not in the room, I stop often to play with my pussy, making it puffy and dripping. The next time I bend over for you, I know you are looking at pink slit, and you can see juices dripping down the inside of my legs.

When I stand up my back bumps into your chest. You are standing so close behind me. I catch my breath and hear yours is ragged. You grab my ass cheeks, one in each hand and shake me hard. My cheeks jiggle just like you wanted them to. You turn me around and kiss my mouth. Hard and punishing, for teasing you. You fondle my breasts over the fabric, one big globe with each hand. You handle them roughly. Pinching my nipples, which have grown hard and pointed, the size of pencil erasers. You groan.

You pull away from our kiss; our eyes lock for only a moment. You tip me over the back of the couch. My feet come off the floor dangling in midair; my hands on the couch cushions is all that keeps me from falling over. You grab my hips to hold me steady. My little skirt is pushed up off my butt. You push my legs apart and touch my wet cunt. There is no reason to play with me, I’m wet as the puddle you will soon make beneath me.

You have pulled your pants down around your ankles. You aim your long, hard cock up to my pussy lips and drive it home. I wail as you enter me. You pump me fast. You take your cock out once, twice just to run it up and down my open pussy, hitting my clit, then dive deep again. I start squirting sporadically. Then I am a waterfall. With your cock inside, pressure from my spasming cunt and the warm fluid running over your cock is making your balls hot, you can’t hold back much longer.

Starting at your balls and working itself outward in a strong wave, your body tingles everywhere. One moment of weightlessness. The electric orgasm flushes through your whole body. You shake as you try to keep pumping through it. Your come is spraying into my deep well. Its filling me up.


My pussy is now shooting back out to the floor excess fluids around and past your cock as it empties. You can’t keep the rhythm up anymore. You’re exhausted. You let the your limp cock flop out. With it comes the remaining mix of fluid and juices, drenching your pants. You step back, kick off the wet garments, peel your wet socks off and drop them in the puddle.

You say, "When you’re done licking that up, come get on your knees in front of me." Then you walk around the couch and sit down, lounging with your legs spread wide.

I'd better be fast.

I am on my hand and knees licking up our spillage. You and I together taste so good. I was so lucky to get this job. I knew as soon as I saw you I wanted your for my Master. You lived alone, in a big modern house. You looked so strong and able. Your black hair and intense blue eyes intimidated me right away. You saw me looking at your bulge. I blushed. You smiled your secret smile. You hired me then, and gave me my uniform.

It's a little tight on me in the upper body. My breasts are a little bigger than those of the woman the uniform was originally made for. But I didn't think you'd mind. Now I know I was right. I know you love my DD's, my curvy body, my bubble ass, and my warm, wet cunt. I will do all I can to please you, my Bull.

After I've licked the floor clean, I quickly grab your clothes, run to the laundry, drop them in, and return to you. I kneel just like you wanted in front of you. You are scowling at me. You say, "That took too long. You will have to be punished." I inhale sharply and breathlessly whisper, "Yes sir."

You grab the back of my head and push it down towards your cock. It is semi-hard again. I open wide and take it the head in, followed closely by a great deal of the shaft. I am about to bring my hands up to stroke you, but you shove my head all the way on to your long cock, gagging me by filling my throat with you.

You hold me there for a count of five, then pull my head up a little, just enough for me to breath around you, then you shove it down again.


So much saliva I'm making for you, to keep you moving up and down in my throat smoothly. I love the taste of you. I love the feel of you deep in my passage. I want to keep you there, but you have other ideas.

You pull my head up, push it back so that you can see my face. You are a raging Bull! There is a crazy look in your eyes. You growl like a wolf. I am your she-wolf in heat. My cunt is aching, but it hurts so good. You tell me to climb on top of you. I hurry to do so. When I'm positioned facing you with knees on the couch ether side of you, you hold your cock to my slit and push me down hard. I love that you go balls deep in me right away. You tell me to start moving, so up and down I go. Taking you deep every time. Your arms stay laying on the back of the couch as I move myself on top of you. You stare at my face, then at my hips.

You tell me to hold myself up and be still. You are pushing up into me now. Using your elbows and hips to ram your cock so far up my pussy I feel you thumping on my back wall. I wish I was deeper for you, Master. I am crying out each time I feel you club that wall. You are grunting like a pig snuffling his feed trough. I am quivering and squirting all over myself and you.

Finally, you come hard, harder than before. I can no longer hold myself up. Your arms have wrapped around me tight. You are biting my breasts through the fabric as you push me over the edge and yourself to that explosion I knew you would have in me. Hot, so hot deep inside me.

We stay that way for a few minutes, or maybe hours, I don't know. Me on your lap, your cock still inside me. We are both breathing hard, gasping for breath. But soon, you shove me off your lap hard. My ass lands on the coffee table behind me, I jiggle all over. You stand up, Before you walk out of the room you turn back and say, "I'm taking a shower. But you will clean up the mess on the couch and finish your other tasks. You wear the smell of me in your cunt for the rest of the day. If I feel your cunt and its not sticky, you will be punished."

"Yes sir.".