Don't you just LOVE Old School R&B?

  • David Kopeman

Don’t you just love R&B? The most beautiful connecting genre of music that plays with the heart strings? It inspires singalongs, dancing, and a togetherness through the soul stifling lyricism. It is indeed the greatest connector, the most love invoking sound, carrying an aura of a passionate peace and joy. It is such an environment the Room 187 team has prided themselves in for a long time. An event orchestrated from the minds and hearts of a group of 80s babies. Room 187 is a tremendous event and game show. It pits two teams, a Black and Gold team, against each other in a show made up of 3 Rounds. In between these rounds, you have the chance to go up and perform a song for karaoke. Many people sign up, and it’s the luck of the draw, but what is always assured is great vibes from the entirety of the audience. This is ROOM 187! Find yourself at our next event! Tickets and information: