A young boy joyously scribbles on his pad, it's his escape. His way to create a new universe and inhabit it all on his own. His sketchbook is filled with strange little creatures. Some with large droopy eyes, other with long arms that reach across the page. His latest piece is a giant dragon, large and pudgy. With scales drawn with detail all over its skin. He hears the dragon roar as he sketches, it's perfect but it's not complete. He puts down his pencil and reaches for the purple crayon. Grinning from ear to ear, watching the colour fill the page. "Honey it's time to go!" Yells his mother. "One second!" Says Timothy. "We have to go now, honey!" Says his Mother. Timothy sighs. "Ok Mum!" He replies. It's nearly there but he just needs to put on some finishing touches. He draws some smoke blowing out of the dragon's nostrils. He grabs a grey crayon and completes his masterpiece. Satisfied he stares at his latest piece and then begins to pack away his tools, his mother opens the door. "Timmy we have to go now, get your shoes and coat on." Says Mum. "Yes, Mum" Timothy replies. Timothy walks out the door with his mother, she briefly looks at his work and chuckles to herself. She turns away and closes the door. The sound of footsteps lower as they walk down the steps, then complete silence. A rumbling car engine starts and quietens as the car is driven away. Timothy's sketchbook sits there, covered with a hundreds of sketches. One particular sketch with wide eyes a spikey head and a smile blinks. It slowly raises its head from the page, quietly looking around the room to make sure the coast is clear. "Alright guys, the kid left!" He says. All the sketches leap from the page, stretching and groaning. "Finally!" Says one with a hulking voice, it's big and muscular. A large chin attached to a circular head. With the small beady eyes. He turns to the spikey-haired sketch. "How you doing Spike?" He says. "Big Jim good to see ya! Long-time big guy" Spike replies. A long coiled sketch clumsily walks across the page. "Hey every-one" his voice is droopy like he's half asleep. The groups of sketches look at him. "Slinky!" They say collectively, surrounding him and hugging him. Spike smiles at his strange-looking friends conversing with each other, he looks across the sketchbook and his silently face drops. "Ahhh, guys?" Says Slinky. All the sketches turn and look in horror, the large purple dragon stands, smoke billowing from its nostrils. It growls at them menacingly. "What the heck is that?!" Says Big Jim. The dragon's mouth begins to glow, a bright orange colour. Spike slowly backs away. "Run!" He screams. The sketches fall over each other as they begin to run away from the purple beast. A wall of Fire chases after them, Spike hops off the desk and onto Timothy's chair. Big Jim grabs slinky and some more sketches as he runs away. They run all over the room, bumping into each other and falling over themselves. Outside the room, Timothy's ten-year-old sister Abigail hears the strange commotion and multiple voices. She walks upstairs and pauses hearing the screams of the sketches and roars of the dragon. She turns the door handle. All the sketches inside stop hearing the handle turn and rush towards the sketchbook. Moving as quickly as the can. Frantically climbing up the desk, with all their strength. They each hop into the sketchbook and freeze, it's as if they never came to life. Spike is the last one to the top of the desk, but before he can melt into the page, the door opens. Abigail stares at Spike, Spike has frozen in place but he's still standing. Abigail, confused walks closer and inspects Spike, it's like the strangest dream. She looks closer and pokes at Spike knocking him over. He stays still on the desk. She tries to pick him up, he reacts. "Ahhh" he screams and quickly covers his mouth. Abigail shrieks at a high pitch. "Daaaaad!" She hollers. Spike shushes her. "Please don't!" He whispers. "You can speak?" She asks. "Well yeah, sorry for scaring you, really sorry," Spike says. Abigail giggles. "It's ok," she says. "I'm Spike," he says and extends a hand. Abigail gently shakes it with her finger. "Nice to meet you," he says. "Nice to meet you too," says Abigail. "Can they speak too?" She asks. All the sketches slowly raise their heads from the page and wave at her. "Hi, Abigail!" Shouts Big Jim. Spike alarmed leaps in the air. "Shhhhhh," says Spike. Abigail starts giggling again. "Ohh sorry" says Big Jim. "Don't mind him he's a bit of a goof" says Spike. Abigail giggles again. They hear heavy footsteps slowly coming up the stairs. "Honey, what's wrong are you ok?" The voice speaking is her dad's. "Ok I gotta go, please promise to keep this a secret?" says Spike. "Ok," says Abigail. Spike hops into the page and freezes, Abigail's dad opens the door. "What's going on in here Abi?" Says her dad. Abigail looks at her dad with a cheeky grin on her face. "Nothing," she says.

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