Doritos Flamin' Hot

We wanted to bring the Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho Cheese chips to life. By shooting all of the consumption shots and cinemagraph plates at a fire station. We wanted to convey the heat that Doritos Flamin’ Hot chips bring to your mouth by getting our influencers to eat them in a really hot environment. We picked 6 of the hottest creators, influencers, and musicians in the streets. Uncle Party Time, Kamo Mphela, DeeKoala, FKA Mash, Carpo, and Major League Dj's. Each week we released our influencers' hot content on their Instagram and Twitter pages, supported by product content on the Doritos social media pages. Art Direction: Bheki Bandla Copywriter/Creative Director: Lazarus Mathebula Digital Strategist: Babalwa Nyembezi Business Operations/Client relations: Thomas Lefine, Lorienne Platt. TV Producer: Caroline Sitwala Business Unit Director: Ryan Levie. Executive Creative Director: Roanna Williams Production House. Director: Amir Singh Our Flamin' Hot Influencers: Uncle Party Time, Kamo Mphela, DeeKoala, Major League Dj'z, Carpo


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