Dreamland, Margate

After 4 years of working on the Dreamland Margate development, after so many false starts and times when we thought that some of the enormous obstacles that presented themselves could in fact be insurmountable, the first phase of this amazing community instigated project opened in June 2015. In Phase 1 there are enthralling rides (some of which date back to the 1920s), classic side shows, a roller disco, the original 1920s Grade II listed Scenic Railway (the oldest rollercoaster in Britain), artistic and contemporary takes on seaside fun, cool eateries, bars and event spaces, plus countless other interactive, engaging activities for the entire family. This has been a monumental restoration project but its just the start. Dreamland Phase 1 is a work in progress. It has been one of HemingwayDesign's most rewarding and challenging projects (to say the least) but it is far from the finished article. Over the coming months and years we hope much more of HemingwayDesign’s original vision will become embedded in the DNA of the operators and realised in the exciting wider Pleasure Park spaces that will be redeveloped in future phases. 2020 saw Dreamland celebrate their 100th anniversary which we were thrilled to be a part of through refreshing the brand and designing some new graphics.

Time Out even said this about Dreamland: "It’s the most Instagrammable pleasure park I've ever been to.”  Whilst Stylist said:"Dreamland is easily the coolest theme park Stylist as ever set eyes on!" 
"I love Dreamland and I think it is going to get better and better. I love the overall concept and look, think the shop is brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed the vintage pinball machines etc., love the signage, language you are using and so on and so on. Loved the staff and their tee-shirts! What an incredible, incredible amount of work to nurse something so iconic back to life with such playfulness, such sensitivity and such love." - Shân Maclennan, Deputy Artistic Director, Southbank Centre
And we've won the Identity Design Award at this year's Design Week Awards 2016!  The judges said: “A design, which manages to reconcile the past and the future of the park, while not forgetting its sunny, seaside outlook.”
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