Dreamland, Margate (Phase 1 - 2015)

  • Kate Costigan

I was a core part of the team that created the brand, and using that as a springboard I developed signage and way-finding within the park. I also led on all merchandise for the Dreamland gift shop. As only phase one of the park was to be revealed on opening day, part of my responsibilities included designing hoarding to mask parts of the site still under construction. With Dreamland being rooted in British culture, branding inspiration came in the form of vintage sign writing, playbills and neon signs, all with a wink to a cheeky British seaside ‘Kiss Me Quick’ aesthetic. We had to perform a balancing act between vintage influence and crisp graphic detail in order to bring the brand bang up to date – keeping it old fashioned, but oh-so-fashionable. The team and myself relocated to Margate for two weeks to deliver the re-opening.