Dreamspace Exhibition - Fluidity to Motif

    Exhibition Summary:
    This is an exhibition bringing together the artisitic interests of Architect Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Interior Designer Sabina Grabauskaite through their diametrically conceived abstract paintings.

    On one side is Farzana's series of paintings entitled 'Fluidity', a collection of esoteric art pieces inspired by automatic art; the abstracted backdrops with their rich colours and sanguine textures radiate energy. Within this lies an endo-skeleton of architectural ink drawing lending rigidity to form. This is in contrast with Sabina's fascination for the control or the 'Motif' of wallpaper printed patterns. The playfulness of this abstraction is achieved by bringing together urban wildlife and domestic settings. The displacement of this still life creates a pleasurable curiosity for the onlooker.
    The juxtaposition of these contrasting styles makes 'Fluidity to Motif' a versatile appetite quencher for a variety of far reaching tastes. Exhibited at the Dreamspace Gallery in the creative hub of Whitecross Street, London throughout March 2015.

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