Drevojas, v. d. - Design of Bathroom

  • Patrik Krizek
2nd prize in a competition to design a bathroom for Drevojas

The concept offers a new perspective on bathroom space. Radiating light supports the cleansing and regeneration of the organism with running water. The bathroom space and that of the user himself are radiant on each and every opening. At the same time, it practically places individual objects in a compact whole, trying to make it easier to move around the bathroom. Simple morphology combined with quality materials and the surface finishing of this standalone is demanded by more exacting clients that are looking for a new and original appearance.
The aerated body is mounted on the wall. Storage space is also designed as a removable laundry basket using a wire programme. The wash basin and mirror constitute a separate artistic piece. When closed, moisture removal begins working on a time sensor. The vertical flow of light that comes with the shine of opening is an enticement to repeat the experience.