Dropspot.io NFT Marketplace - Onboarding Artists NOW

  • Laura Richardson

Keen to start your NFT journey or maybe you're a seasoned pro sick of getting lost in the crowd? Introducing Dropspot.io + Free Mint Dropspot.io is the latest highly curated NFT marketplace on Cardano, the worlds most sustainable blockchain. Why NFT? Why Cardano? NFTs / Art on Cardano currently trades at a rate of over $1.5M USD per day - that's a lot of art being bought and sold! Got archived work collecting dust? Cardano is absolutely screaming out for contemporary artists - like you! You could be earning money on work lying around. Want to regain your creative soverignty? At Dropspot we champion artists royalities and help you regain your creative soverignty which means you earn immediately every time your work is sold. Want to reach a global audience? By being a part of the Dropspot community your work will be seen by a global audience of art lovers and collectors. How does free mint sound? We launch Dec '22 - it takes minutes to get started and we're offering free minting so there really is no risk. Come create with us! Visit - http://dropspot.io We'd love you to be a part of it!