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Celebrating language learning with a small owl

Duolingo is the world’s #1 language learning app, offering 84 courses in 24 languages, for free. It’s a far cry from those dog-eared text books we remember from school. The gamification of language learning in this app makes it fun, easy and a little bit addictive. With a wonderful mission at its heart – teach languages for free.

Duolingo came to us to launch their first piece of communication outside of the US, both to make more people in the UK aware of the app’s the cute but grumpy owl, Duo, but also to re-engage lapsed users. We took over London with Duo at the heart of the campaign. In the UK, and London in particular, we waste a remarkable amount of hours every day commuting, scrolling, and waiting around. We wanted to harness these moments to help Brits use their time more wisely – learning a new language with Duolingo.

Using tactical placements at train stations, on the tube, in taxis and at bus stops, we introduced the nation to our favourite grumpy owl, and encouraged them to make the most of their time with Duolingo.

Come in for a chat to find out more about how learning a new language is becoming universal.

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