'EARTH' | Fashion Film by Kat & Rose | 2022

  • Kane O'Brien
  • Tarnya Wright
  • Sim Danger
  • Simran Kaur
  • Kelly Mbarga

Kat & Rose, consider the Earth to be our primary inspiration when it comes to the garments we create. We strive to create clothes that are influenced by the Earth. But we also strive to create clothes that help and support the Earth. Using Recycled materials in combination with, ethical manufacturing methods to create garments that are Sustainable as well as Stylish. In 'EARTH' we follow four Angels as they begin their first chapter of life and explore the natural environment around them. Discover more at www.katnrose.com Follow us on Instagram! @katnrose written & directed by kane o’brien produced by katya hadzhiyska & kane o’brien published by KAT & ROSE performed by kelly mbarga, kivenia ferreira, sim danger & tarnya joy styled by roisin hazel narrated by sim danger music & sound by kane o’brien with additional help from simran kaur & viktor hadzhiyski