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Lazy girls rejoice: these easy makeup hacks mean you can hit the snooze button again and still leave the house looking flawless. We’ve broken it down into three easy beauty looks: skin, eyes and lips. Pick and choose which one you fancy (or set aside 10 minutes and apply all three). Minimum effort required? Yes, please.
For an easy natural glow, target those eyebags first: choose an easily blendable liquid concealer like this one from Urban Decay. Make sure it’s the correct shade for your skin tone – so come in and test out a few. John Lewis & Partners has plenty of beauty counters to browse, including amazing brands such as NARS and Bobbi Brown. Dab the concealer in three dots under each eye with the sponge wand, then gently press to hide any dark circles.
Grab yourself a brown eye pencil. Choose a chubbier kohl pencil, rather than a skinny one, like this eye crayon from Topshop. It’ll be quicker to apply (and we’re all for a quick routine in the morning).

Roughly draw along both of your top lids, close to the lash line, then use your finger to gently smudge the line. Do the same along your bottom lashes. If you want a more dramatic look, swap for a black liner; this brown one is great for a day look.
If there’s one way to look more awake and polished (even if you’re not feeling it), then slick on a red lip. Rather than mess around trying to perfect the perfect shape with lip liner and lipstick, get a chubby lip pencil that offers precision to line your pout while also pigment to quickly fill in your lips too.

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