Easy Proposal Builder Landing Page

  • Hannah Headrick
After I built various online proposal syst­­ems for our clients with wild success, the team at Ronin decided to take the idea to market. Named Easy Proposal Builder, we wanted to test the concept by targeting the Brisbane construction industry. So I developed a demo website to show off how it works, and a landing page on the Ronin site to encourage people to sign up.
It was important that the landing page looked utterly professional and cutting-edge in order to convince people that our Easy Proposal Builder was everything we said it was. To convey that the service is cutting-edge technologically, I utilized a minimalist tech aesthetic. I paired this with a bold, modern graphic approach to both create a website that’s different and memorable. 
The website features parallax scrolling images with a blue wash over the top, making it easy to read the text while still creating an atmosphere. At the bottom of each parallax I positioned a device that shows off whatever the section is talking about. At the top of the page I embedded an animation the team made to illustrate the benefits of the service inside a laptop background - completely responsive with high impact and usability. Once I finished the website, I rolled out various digital advertising such as Facebook and Google Display Network advertising.​​​​​​​