Eat Work Art In Residence: Creative Advice from Home | Creativity

  • Aisha Maggio
  • meysam dalir
  • Georgie Griffiths

Eat Work Art introduces a virtual campaign with advice and practices from residents from the safety of their home.

Many of us around the world are getting used to domestic life as we all play our positive part in the fight against the coronavirus. Home has taken on a new meaning, a place to sleep, work and eat, but it can also harvest personal development, creativity and a sense of calm from the outside world.

Creativity is not something you can force, it’s important you leave room in your mind for artistic freedom. There’s a call to be productive at the moment and pressure to make the most of the time you have available. Giving yourself mental breaks is crucial in maintaining mental balance.

For those moments of down-time, we spoke to Bryony Lloyd, Owner of Antenne Books about her favourite books to boost creative juices. Watch the video below to find out her recommendations.