Eclectic3 - The Discovery of New Music

  • Joshua Gibbon

The Eclectic3 project started within the confines of the first lockdown. Over time, I realised that the tools of music discovery that I had been using had become dry and repetitive. Regurgitating the same music over and over again, I decided to ditch these tools and take the Dora exploring of the music world into my own hands, resulting in the creation of Eclectic3. Eclectic3 is made up of articles, news, interviews and new music playlists. With the sole purpose of finding music lovers their new music affair, the project started by creating playlists for friends. They would give me 3 artists/genres and from that, along with a discussion about what was wanted, I would create a roughly 30 track playlist oriented around the 3 artists/genres mentioned. Hence, the '3' in Eclectic3. Along with the word 'eclectic' meaning ideas, styles and tastes coming from a wide range of sources, you put two and two together and you get 3, Eclectic3...I was never good at maths. Please follow the link below, listen, read and enjoy. All feedback is welcome!