Building, Laboratory Mixer and Shopping Bag a series of visuals to promote EDB's continuous support for biomedical industry development.

EDB Singapore is a lead government agency. Their main goal is to plan and execute strategies which help to enhance Singapore's position as a global business center. The agency mission is to create sustainable economic growth with vibrant business and good job opportunities. We’ve teamed up with agency The Secret Little Agency to create three, magnificent Key Visuals.

Two of them emphasize the great partnership between Singapore and the companies involved in biomedical industry development. The third one is a culmination of the project describing the different facets of Consumer Business in Singapore. Creative guideline was clear – the illustrations must presents three different subjects, which follow a common style - a housing object with connected scenes. Based on Client's concepts our artists pushed the creative boundaries and delivered three coherent visuals - Building, Laboratory Mixer and Shopping Bag. To production our team used a combination of 3D, matte painting and retouch techniques. The project was very demanding, but thanks to very close cooperation of all parties we’ve been able to create outstanding mini worlds.

Business Unit Director: Marcin Molski