Eden Mill - Whisky

  • Andrew Stevenson

Eden Mill’s home was originally the Seggie Distillery, run by the Haig family until 1860. Having worked tirelessly to bring whisky distilling back to the region, in 2018, Eden Mill launched St Andrew’s first Single Malt whisky in over 160 years.

Our bespoke glass bottle pays homage to the diamond labels used by the Haig family. Our typographical approach takes cues from 19th Century elaborate curves and styling. Individually numbered oak boxes were handcrafted and engraved in Scotland.
"This will go down in history as the first single malt whisky to be released in Scotland's historic St. Andrews area in nearly 160 years. Bottle No1 sold for the astonishing price of $9,500, breaking the world record for the first release from a distillery."
The 20cl Hip Flask series showcases Eden Mill’s commitment to innovation — experimenting with different mashbills, processes, maturation techniques and wood types. Maintaining consistency with the 70cl aesthetic, a bold colour strategy was applied to differentiate each liquid, inject modernity and create standout in a competitive marketplace.
As an experimental endeavour, Eden Mill created a series of whisky expressions by maturing developed blends in varying barrel wood types. The range is small-batch, distinctive and flavoursome. We conceived the name, 'Art of the Blend' a typographic aesthetic and created all packaging and associated brand assets.
"We're all about challenging the norms whilst having a healthy respect for tradition. Our talented and creative team seek to make the very best small batch single malt scotch whisky in the world, whilst having a good bit of fun along the way. We’ve worked with Tangent since 2015 to develop a new brand proposition for our core brand and full product portfolio. Tangent consistently bring energy, passion and flair as well as a well thought out rationale."
Eden Mill

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