Edgey Veg

Use of branding to create a contemporary business plan to reduce food waste.
This project has been based around the issue of food waste within the UK. Whilst researching this issue it came to my attention that perfectly edible vegetables are going to waste due to cosmetic standards within supermarkets of the UK. From a farmers single crop of vegetables for example, a parsnip crop 20 - 40% of the crop goes to waste just because it does not ‘look right’. I have branded and mocked up visuals for a possible solution to reduce edible wonky produce.
I have created the brand name of 'Edgey Veg' for this project as it describes Farmers perfectly edible vegetables which can not be used due to cosmetic standards. The name is catchy and the perfect metaphor for the idea.
Edgey Veg aims to reduce the current wasted edible veg by creating a pop up store in busy commuter areas, the profits of the store will give farmers a fair profit on their crops, as currently some farms are not making enough to break even which could lead to British farmers eventually disappearing.
The pop up store will sell 3 items (all made from Edgey Veg), soups, hot meals, and prep meals containing all veg chopped with ingredients and a recipe card, making it quick and easy for people to make at home. The prices are cheap yet enough to give the farmers some profit off food which would otherwise be wasted.
The branding of the store features hand drawn wonky vegetables and photographs of naturally colourful vegetables which do not represent the cosmetic ones in supermarket, giving an honest image to the customer, making the brand trustworthy. The hand drawn veg adds to the feel of the contemporary shabby sheek pop up shop with informal language making the store friendly and approachable. To promote the store further there will be various forms of signage, handouts and social media adds, teaching and promoting eating and using up the wonky veg, showing the public there is nothing wrong with it.
I will create publicity for this idea to help British farmers by making sure the pop up stores are in busy commuter areas with plenty of information surrounding the store. It will be visually appealing by contemporary use of graphics, colour and friendly language. Flyers and information boards will communicate the purpose of the store and for customers buying produce it will leave them with a feel good purchase without a huge dint out their pocket. The vans quote ‘It’s not how it looks but how it tastes’ will be a message to customers and to get them to think differently about Edgey Veg. I will also push the idea further by creating campaigns surrounding the idea such as ‘Stop the rot’ getting people to want to do something about it.

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Rosie Thomas

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