Edible jewellery

  • david sykes
  • Olivia Bennett
Edible accessories on the go.
The idea for ‘Food jewellery’ came about when photographer David Sykes was eating in the restaurant Castle Terrace in Edinburgh he thought the beautifully crafted dishes had the feel of jewellery. It was a few years later when he saw food stylist Olivia Bennett’s work he realised that with her beautiful crafting of food and eye for detail that she could bring the food jewellery idea to life.
Olivia came up with some beautiful food combinations that not only would taste amazing but would look good enough to wear. She wanted them to be edible accessories on the go, with an Italian feel to the pieces. The approach to the project was to create images that had the feel of a traditional jewellery shoot at first glance but on closer inspection you realise it’s a dish of delicious food. David’s composition and lighting has helped to bring out the detail in the dishes and keep the food looking appetising.