Eggcellent Flu Vaccine

It is dark and cold outside. The windows are closed. The heating is on. And your co-worker starts sniffling. Alas, another one starts coughing. Could it be? No. No. Not this year! So, one of our co-workers booked themselves a flu shot. Patiently they waited at the pharmacy until they were called into the consultation room. The usual questions about allergies and previous innoculations followed. All very routine. Except for that one question that threw them off: Are you allergic to eggs? Which prompted the question. Why is that even a thing to ask? It turns out that flu vaccines are made inside delicious chicken eggs. Scientists, in scientist gear, inject one of the identified strains of the annual flu virus into a single egg. One strain, one egg, one vaccine. Through a tried and tested clinical method, a single lab can go through one million eggs a day, so that we can all be safer from the flu. We made this series of graphs to share what we learned from being curious about the world around us.