• Mireia Ludevid Llop
  • Raquel Fernand
  • Singing Lee
  • Laura Onea
  • Gaea Nayo
  • Iga Wasylczuk

EIX - Catalan for “axis” and “tree”- is a book of images that revisits the stories captured by Sebastià Llop during his adult life: photographs of his family and travels. His photography was of private consumption; shot in positive slides, he projected them onto the living room wall for his family’s delight -or dread- and carefully stored them in an archive that amounts to thousands of slides. Now that him and Roser - his partner- have left, these pictures are a document of their lives and the world they helped to build. Them and their family were deeply connected to their territory and, to me, they represent a landscape that I have wanted to recreate photographically. This book is an exercise on roots, a critical homage to the people in my family and their complicated histories. Each familiar has been reimagined to represent them in an ideal yet humbling fashion. The natural approach Sebastià had in his photography has been juxtaposed with images constructed within the context of Fashion. The aim is to create a formal dialogue that hopefully will activate a reflection about our cultural and emotional bonds. This project was conducted over three months. The resulting images where compiled in a self published book and publisehd in Fucking Young!, French Fries and Modisch Magazine.