Electric Castle 2018

  • Carmen Pop-Tiron
  • Titus Carole
  • Adrian Varzaru
  • Joséphine Huon de Penanster

The most beloved annual music event in Romania, Electric Castle is a unique and genuine 5 days festival experience that happens every year at the Bánffy Castle domain in Bonțida - a tiny historic village near Cluj Napoca in Transylvania. Music Festival in the heart of Transylvania, with over 200 000 attendees, mixing arts and technology with an eclectic musical line-up, unique architectural concept and the breathtaking scenery of the amazing medieval castle, Electric Castle redefines the way people interact with a music festival, breaking the boundaries between electronic music and reggae, mainstream and subculture. Electric Castle 2018 in numbers: 212 000 participants 70 000 unique 12 000 campers 12 stages 300+ artists AWARDED AMENITIES BEST FOOD & DRINKS AWARD, 2018 EUROPEAN FESTILEAKS AWARDS BEST CAMPING AWARD, 2017 EUROPEAN FESTILEAKS AWARDS